London Elektricity - This Dark Matter lyrics

Shadows slowly rotating
Generating a vista of heavenly night
Figures falling together at last
In relief, on the bare walls and doors

My delicious confusion
The solution; journey with no end in sight
Desecrated by angels and men
Bodies linger in the morning light

I live in fear
Of the things I desire
I should surrender
To the terrible wonderful world that lies... Before me

In this other dimension
I feel tension, surrounding my every move
You and I are together at last
We're enslaved in our own universe

And I count the years
Till the end of my days
And I’m looking back
On a life that’s so sweet, that it's only complete
With your face before me

I've never been the type to find
That anyone could make me lose my mind
This dark matter’s haunting me
Perhaps I’ll never find out why...

There's a secret I must know
I just have to know why...

I’ll search every day[I will search everywhere]
Every hour, minute, second[Mmm]
I have to find a way[I just wanna know why]
To the secret of this dark matter[I'll ask everyone]

I’ll ask everyone[Boy, girl and child]
Every boy, girl and child
I can’t rest until
I have the secret of this dark matter[Dark matter]

I just have to know why...

I'll search every day[I'll search everyday]
Every hour, minute, second[Yes I will]
I have to find a way
To the secret of this dark matter

I'll ask everyone[I just have to know why]
Every boy, girl and child[I have to find out why]
I can't rest until
I have the secret of this dark matter

[I'll never rest till it stops...]

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