Locked In A Vacancy - Office Politics lyrics

Assimilate to fit their mold!
Surrender, to preconceived notions
Of what your life must be
Embrace, the white-collar upper echelon
Wrap yourself in the cloak of uniformity
You'll adapt to the stench in little time

Cherish, the structure of your daily routine
A web of contacts forged, through networked insincerity

Upward mobility
Begets financial security
The end-all of your pattern life your pattern life

I refuse to be
Just another cog in the wheel
Of our consumer infrastructure
I'll take the arduous path
Every time every time
Conglomerates grow fat on the backs
Of undereducated wage-slaves
Working overtime to make ends meet
As execs reap the fruit of their labors
How much longer
Can the disgruntled underclass
Wallow in the quagmire
Of potential destitution?
My resistance is persistence!