Locale A.M. - Silhouette's Theme lyrics

I wish it didnt end this way, but it did

Now i feel lost got tossed to the side of the curb and theres no words

To describe how i feel inside my head - i cant go to bed

'cause the memories plague me, is there a place for safety?

So i can lose all these thoughts of helplessness

Why cant the answer be bought like a bottle of finesse

So i search for a way - a path to take me to another land

With nothin, but good emotions, a place full of answers and potions

To take my mind away, from all this crazy shit

If i dont settle down im gonna throw a fit of rage, hostility

It's within my ability to hold back so i do

But in the back of my mind i'm always thinking of you


These girls, take me once more, out on the floor

These moves, my boogie shoes, your theme is born

Dissed again, the stress will never end so my heart i mend

Views bend as my soul slips through the ice

Enticed by a girl, its a roll of the dice - slap on a leash for every fem that looks nice

My fires out, but theyre chasing the flame

Theres a trail of smoke but thats from another game

Now im on my own, i dont want to keep score

Give my condolences on the dance floor

If i hadnt fell asleep, then i wouldnt be stuck in, in this dream with you

Now theres nothin left to do, but for me to just subdue, like your eyes tell me to


Sweep me, speak with your eyes - mirrorball dream

Drawn in; you cant escape silhouette's theme