Liz Pappademas - Loma Prieta lyrics

Loma Prieta, dark hill
Shook up the San Andreas to the heart of a little girl
I was the epicenter
There in the door holding onto my mother
"No it's not, not it's not okay," I told her

We saw a movie that day
On a field trip to the mint I survived the quake
In 1906 when the city burned black
Those images came rushing like the fires, they came rushing back
It was hot, it was hot, too hot for October

We lit up the kitchen with candles
My brother and I knew that school would be canceled
We slept on my parents' room floor
We knew about aftershocks, we braced for more
We felt a lot, we felt a lot older

Loma Prieta, dark hill
Please stay dark, I pray, please stay still
I was the epicenter
I was the epicenter
I'm not the epicenter