Livingston Taylor - Glad I Know You Well lyrics

I was crossing at the corner
The day was grey the air was cold
Suddenly it occurred to me
I was easy on my soul
I was crying cause I loved you
The sun was shining in my shell
Deftly dodging crazy taxis
I'm glad I know you well

I have watched you in the garden
Dirty hands shining skin
A smile that says you're glad to see me
Sighs for sadness where I've been
No need to worry 'bout protection
I hold the shield that is your spell
Let me help you with the weeding
I'm glad I know you well

I've been looking out for answers
I think frankly there are none
There is honor love and family
And work left to be done
And when I listen to the winos
Who say this world has gone to hell
I can smile and disagree
I'm glad I know you well