Livingston Taylor - Get Out Of Bed lyrics

There's a festival today
Come and see it's all so fine,
People who are not my kind are here
There's a festival today
The world is changing fresh and new
It's mostly green with bits of blue
But it's all here for you
And here's all you have to do:

Get up, get up
Get out of bed.
Let the sunshine fill your head
Listen to what your friends have said.
Get up, get out of bed.

Morning with a quick yawn
I'll be gone.
I'll be hurrying on my way.
I hear there's a bad cat
On your back
And you'd best stay in today.
And tomorrow I'm here to say:


Can you see me clearly?
Lover I do not know.
Can you hear me nearly?
Oh and I do think so,
Then you ain't got far to go.