Living With Eating Disorders - Feeling lyrics

I've got a feeling
I've made you mad again
Been beating on your brain
I know you wanted me to stop
But I was so so sure
I could make you come around
Before the sun came up
And who if not me
Could make you see

Don't scream don't shout
Don't be mad with me again
And if you don't
I promise I won't talk to you again

Now I'm broken into pieces
Crashing now in circles
And something so important
Is here with me no more

So believe I'll be alright
Survive alone at night
Don't you wonder where I'll be
Always got this piece of me

Don't call don't cry
Don't be hanging 'round no more
And if you don't
I promise I won't
Love you anymore

I've got a feeling
This time you're not coming back.