Live For The Night - Untitled (For Christa) lyrics

Once again I am brought to my knees
There are tears swelling in my eye
I think IM about to cry
Why are things not right between us
And we cant even try
All you said was
I try not to think
But all I get is your house
And the floor in the basement
We used to roll around on
But now I guess that's all gone
And the memories will soon fade
Is that what we really want
Is that what you wanted?
So I pour my heart through my pencil
And this is what I get
I messed up
I brought you down
Your couldn't get back up
Blame me
Not you
You say there is nothing more we can do
I said I love you
And still we come to goodbye
So here ill sit in my bed and cry
For another heart broken
Few words spoken
And all good-byes said