Little Joe & La Familia - Las Nubes lyrics

¡Ya todo se me acabó!
¡No me puedo resistir!
Si voy a seguir sufriendo
Mejor quisiera morir
Yo voy vagando en el mundo
Sin saber a donde ir

Los años que van pasando
No me canso de esperar
Y a veces que estoy cantando
Mejor quisiera llorar
¿Para que seguir sufriendo
Si nada puedo lograr?

Las nubes que van pasando
Se paran a lloviznar
Parece que se sostienen
Cuando a mí me oyen cantar

Cuando a mí me oyen cantar
Se paran a lloviznar
Parece que alegran mi alma
Con sus aguas que traen del mar

The city surrounds him closely
The crowd seems to pass him by
His heart's still back home in Texas
Beneath its beloved sky
And life treats him so unkindly
He wishes that he would die

His life has become so empty
It's now just a broken sigh
The one life filled with pride and courage
But all that has now subsided
It's now just a hollow storefront
Adrift in an endless sky

Adrift in an endless sky
So lost to the world is he
A man who has been forgotten
Alone with his misery

Alone with his misery
He dreams of his childhood days
Though God made his children equals
We're different in many ways

Give it to me, give it to me
Give it to me now