Little Brazil - Shades lyrics

Take off your coat and show me your frown

'cause I know you have a lot on your mind

It's understandable

That you're fed up with me

But let's be honest

I'm driving you away

From this life you dreamt

That you'd always have

I made an excuse for you to get so far alone

Just to come home

Pointing a finger and shaking your head

Stop me at the door

To remind me what you're doing this for

I'm leaving you so I can be more myself

Not this person that you dreamed up

I don't want to live my life

Blaming you for the imperfections

And the baggage I have

I guess I'll always live my life in a shadow

The sun must have no light for me

Why can't we just open up the shades?

Why can't we just rip open the shades?

Why can't we just lift up all the shades?

Why can't we just tear down all the shades, shades?

Is that too much to ask of you?

It's my and only my curse to live with

It's not asd bad as it seems

I guess I'm used to it

Don't worry I'm better off alone alone

The sky is opening to me

I guess it's perfect to be happy

Like a dream I've never had

Wait, I see a storm front coming, coming in