Litmus Green - Operation Unabomber lyrics

Operation Unabomber

Operation Rescue's been at it again
They blew up a clinic that does abortions
They blew away a woman and her doctor too
They put an end to their rights to choose

Operation Rescue your time is now
Operation Rescue you're going down
I'm sending you a package wrapped from O.C.
The unabomber's got nothing on me

With an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth
I'm wrapping up explosives & I'm sending them to you
In manila paper trimmed with duct tape
Sent to your address with no return name


You killed my girlfriend for having an abortion
Your bible told you that she had sinned
But your bible condemns your fate as well
So I'm mailing you your one-way ticket to hell

I have no bible and I have no gods
I have no sins to haunt me when you're gone
'Cus I'm no fucked up religious slave
I'm the motherfucker who sent you to your grave