Lita Ford - Killin' Kind lyrics

(Ford, Rhodes, Ehmig)
Did the lights go out forever?
Has the night just gone insane?
Did what´s broken fall together?
Has my heart gone down in flames?
Though I heard your lies, I can´t deny
I hunger for the feeling
And I know it´s wrong, but I´m hanging on
Crying in my sleep
*So wrong ,I´m over my head
So right,I´m out of my mind
Your love is the killin´ kind
Two hearts, You swallow my heart
One life, Like you swallow my life
Your love is the killin´ kind
If I only could remember
Why I let you in so deep
If I´d only known you better
I could have put these dreams to sleep
Well, you haunt me now, you wear me down
Get me where I´m weak
Yeah, you twist the knife
Your sacrifice
Bring me to my knees
I know
I know if the end of the world falls in your arms
I´ll remember, every tear I´ve ever cried for you
Baby, when I said I´d die for you
I lied