Lissie - Oh Mississippi (At Paste) (Live)

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Lissie - Oh Mississippi (At Paste) (Live) lyrics

Oh mighty river,
the Mississippi's Turbulent waters lull me to sleep,
Please take my hand,
I will go gently,
Your arms around me, you'll be my man,
The leaves are changing I cross this road,
To make my last walk in the warm sunshine,
Oh mighty river, oh Mississippi
Oh all the troubles your banks have seen,
Carry these stories from north to south,
Around these parts your westward bound,
The factory's closing,
Kids have grown so fast,
Lift up their woe please as you float past,
Oh endless river you have seen it all,
Now do your waters have room for one more,
Oh endless river as you transcend,
Please take me with you,
Far from this land...