Lisa Leuschner - Can't Live Without You lyrics

Can't live without your love, no no
Can't live without you

(C) Oh, I can't live without you
No, I can't live without you (rpt.)

I've tried to live without you
I've tried it on my own
I never understood why I felt so all alone
With friends on every corner
And a family by my side
But without you baby
All I did was cry


(rap) You asked me in your world and I became your first love
But my desires with the rest, it turned my world up
I know you love me cause you told me that you really care

Now I'll forget about the world cause that's my ex-boy
Greater is your love than anything that is in this world
I really want you to know that I really love you
Having everything means nothing if I can't talk to you
I wanna build a relationship with you and me
I keep on needing you why
You keep on loving me I
Can't live without you I
Can't breathe without you I
Can't move without you, I have no being
Without your love I'm a dead man walking


I can't live without your love
I can't live without your strength
I can't live, I can't live
Without you in my life, I'm lonely