Lisa Brokop - Write A Book About Me lyrics

I over heard a resent conversation
They were talking about a novel they just read
A fiction about tragedy and romance
A trail of hope and heartache that was left

It began someplace in Southern Mississippi
A young bride and groom declared their sacred vows
He quit school and takes a job at the Exxon
They scrape up enough to buy a little house

Soon enough they learn that there's a baby on the way
Soon enough they learn there are bills they can't pay
It can happen in anywhere in any town on any street
It could be about me, write a book about me

So the guy starts stressin' out and drinkin' too hard
And the magic they once knew begins to fade
She has to take a double shift down at the Wal-Mart
She get her makeup free by selling Mary Kay

She finally kicks the guy out 'till he goes and finds religion
They join a Pentecostal Church and it all gets forgiven
With the tears and Hallelujahs life will be what it will be
This could me about me, write a book about me

Now they say it's being made into a movie
But they'll have to and some drama here and there
But it still won't hold a candle to the real world
Life on every corner, everywhere

I guess we've all had hard times and no time is ever wasted
Might as well be grateful for the sorrow we have tasted
In the end we will all find out that we are in good company
Write a book about you, write a book about me
Write a book about you, write a book about me

Like my friend who was the fibber back in high school
She went out with Mr. Chandler, he taught band
Now she runs the Piggly Wiggly down on Elm street