Lindisfarne - Demons lyrics


All them demons know what it's all about
talk in whispers don't need to twist and shout.
Dancing in your head, just like the dance of the dead
all them demons know what it's all about.

All them demons know when the time is right
just when the dawn takes over from the night.
They slide into your dreams, with a smile and a strangled scream
all them demons know what's wrong is right.

Oh Mamma, can you really feel the pain
Oh Mamma, it's hard to explain.
Oh Mamma, I'm begging on my knees
Oh Mamma, help me if you please.

All them demons know my home address
inside my head is where I hang my happiness.
But these bastards won't leave me alone, they're even on the ansaphone
come on Mamma get me out of this mess.

Oh Mamma, it's so hard to take the pain
Oh Mamma, is it me to take the blame
Oh Mamma,I do love you still
Oh Mamma,won't you help me if you will.