Linda Jones - Hypnotized (1967)

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Linda Jones - Hypnotized lyrics

La la la la la...ha ha

Hypnotized, you've got me hypnotized
All it took was just one little look into your eyes

I'll do whatever you say, command me and I'll obey
(Because I love you)
La la la...ha ha

(You've got me walking and talking in a trance)
In a magic spell of romance

Make me hold you
Make me kiss you
My heart is yours to command, and woah-oh...

Hypnotized, gee, gee I'm so hypnotized
Just one touch of your fingertips
One kiss from your sweet, sweet lips

I'll go wherever you want me go
Everything I've got, everything I've got, Darlin' is yours, yes it is
(Because I love you)
La la la...ha ha

You got me in the spell that you cast
Please, please make it last
Whoa-oh I'm so hypnotized