Limp Wrist - Man To Man lyrics

Look at the way you carry yourself
Hard as nails stiff faced self
You're such a man
Hold your dick up above your head
Walk this town with your "tuff" friends
You're all such men
You talk of "chicks" that they're all sluts
I've got some girlfriends that could kill you fucks
You're so stupid, man
Bully-boys in an angry fit
Wanna beat on me, but you ain't shit
That's right man
What "oooh", like I'm fucking scared
You can't hack
I read your shit
Yeah to your face does it hurt?
Are you pissed?
Inherited passed-down ignorance
You wear it well and proud
Now deal with it, kid
Up in your face, now run home to daddy
And tell him you got your ass kicked
By some fag