Lil Wayne & Squad Up - Meet The Sqad (SQ1 Mixtape) (2006)

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Lil Wayne & Squad Up - Meet The Sqad (SQ1 Mixtape) lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
Nigga ykno this young weezy
Sqad up dawg
Me my nigga nut my nigga jgutter
Bout ta do this fa yall but first ima let my nigga jgutter
Do his damn thizzy halla back

[J. Gutter]
I bet niggaz dont say mothafuckin thang lil gutta
Im so street cuz i hold heat
Get chu blow cheek - peep
Im so deep cool low key - thug in no peace
Fuck with niggaz thata bust at tha police like its beef
Yount want provoke me homeboy
Ya better chill
Or them bullets spin ya ass like a ferris wheel
Ill kill his mama and his daddy kill
This shit is mob
When i speak on behalf of tha squiddy sqad
Whatchu know about murderful money
Or gettin money for murder
Gangsta gutta ill bloody ur shirt up - word up
I do this rap shit ta cover my dirt up
Cuz it shit fa me ta cook a bird up
And it aint shit fa me ta strap up and hit ur turf up
And work tha metal - nigga this is young money
Well hurt whoever
Nigga this jgutter slim cat high yella
And fa tha sqad ill ride fa ever

[Lil Wayne]
Sqad up
Thats my first nigga jgutter - slim nigga high yella
Platinum grill - ykno tha sqad
Next nigga lil peanut of a mazant
Halla at them boys

[Peanut Flame]
Tha shit that lil nut talk - yall want to
Cuz tha same shit that yall hollerin yall dont do
Never tell me my shoe size unless they own you
How u gon tell me what im not and waht tha fuck im gon do
Dont u git it twisted
Tha chrome ruge could make your dome lose over the fone booth
U could git it i warned you
Man you fuckin with tha wrong dude
Bulldog barkin like i feed it dog food
Nigga its young nut tha boy got so much weight
They gatta deliver ta me in a dumb trunk
Im mazant till my number is up
Air force 1s tha bottom of my 'bauds is cuff
Man is yall niggaz thuggin or what
How could you not love nut
U think about me when you up in some guts
I give a fuck if you hard or not
Bitch iont gatta give it all i got ta knock off ya top
Gitcha hoe ass of tha block
Might as well put you in some tight jeans in a halter top
Im a dawg and got all my shots
And give a fuck is she own his shot
Mazant goin on top nigga

[Lil Wayne]
Weezy weezy weezy weezy weezy
Fee they gatta fell me - halla atchu dude
Yea - we gon do this fee halla'...
...Big thang keep bangin my knee
Ok i rather have that than nigga bangin at me
And aint it tha truth
Fuck i rather have me bangin at chu
And if you feelin macho man bitch im sangin at chu
And you might hear me bangin that screw
Drankin that juice
Cuz fuckin with fee - we do ne thng ta git loose
I got that thang in rotation
And aint it degrating
Have a top on tha coupe and even make it
Aint it amazing how i got cha boo
And even naked - but her brain is sacred
And only wayne can take it
Flame is blazin at men with lame behavior
Only tha game could tame tha player
Thangs is major
Dont sleep cuz my slang is major
I could move 100 things in asia and never came ta asia
Where i hang is spado
So you plainly seperate wayne from fakeness
Im a gangsta baby
Understand that im weezy tha mans a fuckin solja
Humongous dough with young exposure
Fuckin .4 unda clothing im fuckn totin
Im fuckin smokin some potent that come from the ocean
See me motion in the porshce i have the top abortion
Gotcha hoe up when i stop on tha block and donut
Got it sewed up like a coogi skully
And losing something that dont bother me
Cuz dude move with money like monolopy
22s on tha truck ya boo watching me
Tell tha bitch quit looking
If not ill make tha pussy jump of her and walk ta me
My pockets swole my lil ass down and i walk crooked
My grill a make tha sun drop down then come talk too me
With woofers in tha back of the benzie
But iont listen na shit
Cuz all these niggaz started dissin and shit
But i got money on my mansion ya dig
Young money my invention ya dig
Halla back at cha nig
Cash money man i been in that army
Stood in that heat
Been in that stormy i swam in that water
Gimme that quarter
Gimme back r'a
And gimme that spoiler
Man i been that baller
But give it all if you gimme back father
Send in that gap for any cat want em
Nuts hangin and you could see like some 20s
With no sina cap on em
2 for 3 and i got plenty of that killa crack on me
I been in that kitchen
I whiped in that skinny
Chipped on them dishes
I zipped at that table
I flipped on the corner
I pitched at the school
Tha only student with tha shit at the school
Im the shit dude
I ball heavy on em fools
Cop fits for my whips cuz they already got tha shoes
And it aint half of it this summer is goin be heavy
Watch what i do that viper when i git my taxes
Jus maxing and relaxing
Bitches catch and come like news flashes
Weezy alert sqad up!