Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - The Champions (SQ5 Mixtape) (2006)

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Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - The Champions (SQ5 Mixtape) lyrics

[Lil Wayne talking]
What up squiddy
This ya cat weezy baby
Here to speak on tha sqad ie young money
Ya'll niggas gotta feel me man
Even peep where i'm at
See what i see
Like my muthafuckkin young team ain't the fuckin best niggga
Like i ain't got gutta
Like i ain't got nut
Like i ain't got dizzy
Like i ain't got yo
Like i ain't got me nigga

(we are the champions plays in the background)

What tha fuck wrong with you calm ass
Pussy ass, bitch ass niggas
This shit right here is young money
This marks the first fuckin day of closure
For the rest of you bitch niggas
If you ain't young money or cash money
You ain't seein money nigga
That's how the shit go
We here to take this shit
I'm charged lawd, i'm charged
Nigga, we gonna kick this shit off
I got my producer bout to start this shit off
My producer on the track plus spinnin'
Eat them niggas up rod

Damn wayne niggas need to stop
Think about the sqad for a change
We the shit nigga stackin chips
What makes you think we gon change
I'm in the lab doin beats
Stay in the streets pushin thangs
Watch when the album drops
Come spring we gon be pushin thangs
Cycle wood that's my click linked with the sqadren
Damn all these hoes can't be wrong
Jock cause me whole team so strong
1 was approved
2 was approved
3 guarenteed our spot
4 put the game on lock
Sqad 5 all in ya back biotch!!!!

It's the young money squiddy sqad
Fuck dem otha niggas boi
And we been hearin a bunch of niggas dissin hard
And we been givin dick to otha niggas broads
And we been makin chips while otha niggas starve
It's young weezy baby
Blacks in me 80
Rap don't really faze me
This mack and pimpin pays me
I tax my bitches daily
With the game i shot
It's young money and the game is ours biotch!!!!

(we are the champions playing still)

I'm a young nigga, yellow nigga, skinny nigga, mellow nigga, what
Any nigga get it it's whatever
I'm a rebel, i'm a devil, i'm a fuckin paper boy (what)
Bustas best avoid
This the level that them othas can't pedal this the sqad up on me (what)
Got sqad up on me
We sqad up on you
And ride with the chrome me
Die for the hommies
Recognize the moment sqad up people!!!!

[Wayne talking]
Biotch!! This is young money like i said nigga
Led by the nigga fefe
Led by the muthafuckkin birdman
Led my the muthafuckkin nigga weezy baby
Led by the nigga supa busta
Led my the nigga c sees a leo
Nigga holla at ya fuckin dude
Get at ya boy
I'm not fuckin finished i got my young nigga gutta gutta
All the streets love him

This is ya gangsta
Gun em down bang em and shake em
Fuck was you thinkin you headed for danger
My city is tanted where slum is a villager
Bitches, runnin and dealin this crack by they cylicone
This is the sqad a fellions
Grind for many, tha sky the limit
Speed through in 5 and sixes
Shitin on bitches and hittin at snitches we diggin ya ditches
Cheese love when gutta be spitin cause gutta be shittin
Don't get it twisted with this cause gutta be clickin
Two tips stuck ta ya fitted ya body be missin
Loose lips stick out bitches don't botha a nigga
Loose ship down to tha fishes bottle of rivers
Cool whip under ya shirt ohh desert
Too gutta for this earth
Dude deserve it
Move under influence of earth
High as fuck
The champions is sqad up, gutta gutta

(Wayne talking)
We are the fuckin champions nigga!
This is fuckin young mushu
I swear ta god i'm charged lawd
Sqad up, i.E. Young money biotch!
In ya back, snacky snack
Wayne here, tatrice i see ya, wessy west
Holla at ya dude
My muthafuckin d boys biotch
I feel it, i feel it i swear ta god
Ya'll know it wouldn't be right without ya boy


This is the sqad, this is the mob
You lookin for a pimp bitch this is the guy
This is the guy that her girlfriend ride
Put the triggers up high, by the triggas we die
And a nigga be jived to tha killing insides
Kill him inside, kill him in ride like
Should a man die, real men survive
In the middle of the field there will be sqad like
What it is parner i'm a squadren
Hardly seein niggas they ain't up to my standards
??? We do is sit in here in a cut back caddie
??? To a bitch ain't runnin my habbit
??? To a switch, what are my habbits
I'm a muthafuckin urban legend
Urban stress bring purpleness, murder rabbit
Ask ya bitch you probably heard i stabbed it
Eagle street is the turf i'm reppin
Weezy wee from the murder capi-tol
Easily get a bird ta crack a 2
We tha shit watch word get back ta you
Hot nigga wayne, pop nigga frame
Though papa been a while put the thang on a chop scame thang
Watch homboys drop everythang
Better not got a dame, i'm a make fa sho she
Do her thang when she get up in my range and
Give me her cock, i give her brain that hoe
I'm not playin this is how the game go
I'm not playin this is how the game go
This is how the young money thang go
Fe see you, su see you, ??? See you
Gutta, streets, nut, diz, j, yo
Where you at rodrick on the track
Holla back biotch!!!!