Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - Guess Who's Back (SQ4 Mixtape) (2006)

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Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - Guess Who's Back (SQ4 Mixtape) lyrics

[Lil Wayne & Raw Dizzy]
Ri righ right over here, y'know when tha verse come in
Sqad wit me man, sqad
Its ya boy weezy baby, fee fee, dizzy, nut, weezy
A huh watchu say, mah bad weezy ba-by!!,
Git it right y'know, yuh i like it fa that boy, you ready ta do it though
Halla at cha

[Raw Dizzy]
Look look jus halla at me if ya need a verse
Shit i was taught ta aim hold squeeze an burst
An the game grows even worse shit y'know dizzy
Tha same old devan clutch, na roll wit me
Mah game so street it hurts im mo ignant
Ya daddy wants me ta twurp her soul system
Bang tha hoe street an serve any old victim
Mah name in tha streets i kill any old witness
Bought tha chain, mah gold teef ta 8 million records
An change mah neck piece ta a shinny slave object
I pull up in a big body red object
Wit a big weapon an a clip that got alotta head objects
Leave alotta dead bodies
I stands by it, lay ya whole fuckn team down like that cop it
Make ya hoe suck me clean, till i say stop it
Im dizzy dot raw-diculous tadays topic

[Lil Wayne]
Sqad wit me man, yea, its ya boy weezy baby, wayne head louie baby
I see yall, raj smoove, nut halla at them niggaz

[Peanut Flame]
Guess whos bizazck of tha 'zant
Tha farmas is runna on tha corna i was born a hustla
An tha, chrome infront a, dome a bustas
Make niggaz freeze like they bones done rust up
Play wit me an gon git gutta mah mown
An bought up a hoe, i was known ta cut up before tha flo
Man shit, this back ta tha block fa me
Back ta tha block fa cheese
I never turn mah back ta tha block an leave
Im too cheap ta git ass if its not fa free
Stay cheifa dont pass if its not no weed
Too gutta dont rep mazant, if ya not from tha street
We pack gats if its not for beef, its young mula
Young dude i tote a chrome ruger an he gon shoot ya
Look dawg dont u just discuss wat u gon do up
Its young money we got grown paper go an git cha loot up

[Lil Wayne]
Sqad wit me man, yea, its ya boy
I aint gon say mah name this time yall already know right
Yea yall already know it, tha whole crowd sayn
"you know it wouldnt be right" mami like ill how high is he
Real high mami high as can be
But lil papi still got scrill like bill cosby
I am a legend a hero, yall jus mah sons like theo
You know tha kids say tha darnest thangs
But if ya shit flop back ta selln jello tha dope that come yellow
I am tha youth of tha ghetto
Knockn down tha do' say hello ta mah lil friend
An thats jus how i hit cha hoe when you come at me
Like "can you you say hello ta mah lil friend"
I say hello ta her she say goodbye ta him
I mean we say goodbye ta him, we wave bye from a pile a em
I pop mah, you cannot stop mah game
Tha smallest bo' in tha lane but you cant block a thang
Its tha boy young cock an wayne
Fee got me on them push ups, i feel like rocky main
Ah hell im way too charge, way too juiced man
Tha spoons on mah k done come lose, ima mothafuckn ani-mal
I ran a mile jus ta let chall niggaz knoe na, that na im run'n this bitch
I come in this bitch wit one on mah hip
A lump on mah lip, a slump wit mah limp
Pump in mah trench, a blunt in mah crip
Pumpn mah shit, huggn mah bitch, mah drugs in mah kicks
Thats weezy biatch baby
Hot blazn some say im amazin
You should stop hatn an start recuperating
Go git a coupe an race it, tha dude be waiting
Wit some shit look i bought from tha movie matrix
Im smoove an basic
I move like im crusing on mah shoes im so cool im groovy baby
Weezy baby weezy baby weezy baby haha
Fuck yall man this ya boy weezy baby
Sqad up in ya back, sqad tha thang out man
Sqad tha thang out