Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - Got Me A Model (SQ3 Mixtape) (2006)

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Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - Got Me A Model (SQ3 Mixtape) lyrics

[Lil Wayne talking]
(itz the boy...Weezy boy. ayy)

[Verse 1]
They call me hot boy, hot boy
I got the block steamin'
U not even on my pedalster you fed it to a boss cap daddy
See me peddlin' dat Bentley, how i floss that daddy
21's on all pro's, Randy Moss that daddy
You caught that daddy
Weezy pass like i got quarterback tac with balla status
Hard to manage wit all this cabbage
But i show how to do it though
Coogi top, with a Louie flo'
The homie gotta Nike style but a Gucci flow
Gucci tile, white Nike, Gucci's soul
I'm mil' youngin', hoppin' out a G500
Lookin' like I just rolled out a dugeon
Lookin' like I just smoke a whole onion
I'm wild like dat
I know this ain't amaetur night, but might crowd might clap
You these ain't camera's, right
So watch out when we snap
Itz the SQAD la la la la la la
....and i'm thuggin'...i'm ridin'..i'm wit fee fee...
i wit fee fee and u know we probably high then
A ma'thafuka....and iz crazy..and u can holla at cha boy WEEZY BABY

[Chorus 2x]
I don't know about u
but i'm a young sqader, do it 4 my crew and thatz the young sqad

[Verse 2]
They call me D-boy, d-boy
the block pharmacist
man just take two of these and call me in the morning
I pump at the gates double
I raise my hustle,
cause these dayz fedz iz ya brothaz
and though i'm 5"6
I long my weight thru that job shit
and reply to it iz....sqad shit
I love my poppa..but he died quick
But i bet he taught me how to make a make a 5 million off a 5 cent
Letz get these plates dirty dirty
Letz break down a birdy
Bakin' soda or triplin' don't look too different
Pop ya colla man, we on some big pimpin' shit
The blue colla man, I'm on some brick shiften shit
Holla at cha mack daddy, mommy
I'm in the cut
Not even an hour I'm in ya gutz
Not even an hour I'm back up in tha cut...tossin' it up
Hard up baby, we SQAD UP
...holla back

[Chorus 2x]
I don't know about u
but I'm a young sqader, do it 4 my crew and thatz the young sqad

[Verse 3]
They say I'm Weezy the fuckin' boy
Oh boy
The block need me man, I'm the streetz vocal cord
The heatz out the posta boy
and I ain't won a damn thang on 106
but I'm the hoods posta boy
Flow 4 yall
I'm that nigga come thru in the truck
rockin' ya favortie song
ridin' slow 4 yall
I get that dope 4 yall
I'm like a soda machine
just slide ya money in me and I get that coke to yall
Wit Raj on the music
and Weezy spittin' to it
We get that dope to yall
you open
hopin' a nigga fall but naw
Homey me smokin' like Marlboro's
Man we shinin' like some Armoral
I'm reclinin' in a boxster with a barbie doll
and both of they tops off like itz Mardi Gras
And both of my glocks spark
I'm a murderer.
thatz in case you never heard of one