Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - Addictive (SQ4 Mixtape) (2006)

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Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - Addictive (SQ4 Mixtape) lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
Yes sa, its ya boy weezy baby, haha
Yea man, i feel great, cant nothin stop me
This ya man right here, this is tha wee mix
Im bouta murder this shit, you kno it wouldn be
Right witout tha boy, yea yea yea yea, lets go c'mon
Aiy i got that banger on tha outside
We can bang it out, ima gansta from tha soutside
All in ya mouth an if you thinkn ya raw
Then im calln you out boy
You can bet ya car an ya house see in my level thats out
Sittn this big body ma you can feel like you fell on a couch
An em 20 inch farellis is out, so woodgrain lincoln leather her out
Peddle her througout tha metro area, weezy baby hes the greatest
Leave tha ladies in such disbelief, but bitch pleez believe me
Im the boy, tha neater tha block, im runnin i got tha rock
Im in need of a block, an i speed up mah drop
When tha streets is burnin, mah heater burn you haters
News paper sheets is turnin, as yo speech is serming
Ya picture is street, next week they gon prolly see your family tree
I, manage they push a tanish all fast, soft red top, vanish of that
Na yall mad i got yall like tha boy bad, weezy baby gotcha broad sayn...
...See it like it cop it refix it, east landlord bouta start evicting
Hustle 'zant hard, backseat 3 chickens
Bundle that raw 2 for 3 we flippn, dub that car duci-fee we dippn
Cece bout it boy we sippn, fee-fee fight it gar we ligfting
T.Streets kill that boy he trippn
We be s.Q.A.D. Shitting, weezy baby an ya baby mammas
Peepin she wanna git off, but we jus all fucked that bitch an kept goin
Weezy baby young black rich im that boy, tha boy, boy, oh boy
Im no toy, i play no games, i feel like fuck some niggaz, but say no names
Feel like fuckn bitches givn major brainz, sqad comn like an army
An im major payne, man mah own punk the sun an made it rain
But you wouldnt get wet if u stayed wit wayne
But cha girl all get wet if she stayed wit wayne
Next morn'n she on a plane taped wit 'caine
Feds phony, agents lame, cops is haters
Mad at tha cheese on these hot potatoes
An we passn them v's on them tops is rasing
Mah jersey is hot, mah tennis shoes is steaming
Mah socks is blazin, tha rocks in mah watch crazy look goofy
Iceberg sweater kids yelln look goofy
Mah eyes look dropy cuz im full of that flutie
Ya bitch keep telln ya lil boy hes a cutie
Man im in a 2seat me an mah niggah louie
We so fresh me an mah niggah louie
Vuitton from tha feet ta tha arm thats how we do it
C'mon mami leave me alone im outta fluid
Move on man you teeth too long, you prolly chew it
Baby y'kno ima s.Q. It, weezy baby i aint go say no mo haha
I aint gon say no mo, fuck yall weezy baby, halla at cha boy