Lil Wayne - Some Say (The Leak 2 Mixtape) (2007)

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Lil Wayne - Some Say (The Leak 2 Mixtape) lyrics

[Lil Wayne]

Some say the ex make the sex spec-tacular
Make me lick ya from ya neck and your back and ya
Shiverin tongue deliverin chills up that spine, that ass is mine
Uh oh, I think its pastor time
I hope he can last and past the test of time
Got the girls singin like Glo' Estefan
Shawty pop ya in the mouth like a pacifier
Shawty pop an ecstasy and exercise
She pop 1 and I pop a number next to 5 like
6, 4 out the Western's eye
He want to see you get low, I'm like lets get high
Like Whooo
Shawty come to my planent, I've got a spaceship for two
Cause I believe it's fuck the world but tonight I only want to fuck you
And you know that to me it feels like heaven when I made love to you

Some say the ex make the sex spec
I always protect dont want her to expect
Not a zero up out of my next check
Shawty you gonna end up being my Fed-Ex
That's my ex girlfriend im fed up with
That pill make her talk too much, shut up bitch
And my doors don't open, they let up bitch
I've been shining like Thomas Edison
Styrofoam cup filled up with medicine
I am higher than the highest bird's feathers in
I wish I could bird shit on every bitch
Like Biggie, so after I shitted on a bitch, Haha
Oh you know I shitted on a bitch, haha
Yeah, Who Me?, I'm so fly
And I came from Down