Lil Wayne - So Gone (2009)

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Lil Wayne - So Gone lyrics



Young mula baby!
imma blood imma pro imma G
in a different world out in space with a freak
but that dont mean neptune on the beat
cuz the new jerzy devil from black wall streat
ehh weezy f baby from young money baby
like the easter bunny baby wanted my candy
so i gave her my lolli pop
then she made her body pop and that made me kinda hot
im lying that made me sigh not hot
but please stop sweatin me
women scream get me
and what do i do i get in them
i put on my boot and i step in them, right left in them
mr. excederin
head all the time, it means im crazy but i got head on my mind
lay it on the line or just lay on young carter
ya i hear you screamin by my name aint harder
(haha) girl im nasty i do my thing and have you callin for me like lasty