Lil Wayne - Pure Colombia (Dedication 5 Mixtape) (2013)

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Lil Wayne - Pure Colombia (Dedication 5 Mixtape) lyrics

I can't trust these niggas, throw some water on 'em,
They say "Go to Hell," Okay I know the owner,
Strip clubs gettin old all the strippers hoein',
All these bitches think they dimes, watch me flip a coin,
Thank You Jesus, My dogs is off the leashes,
Had to leave my spanish bitch 'cuz she was startin' to get suspicious,
Tell her beep I mean business, suit and tie nigga
You and all your dogs can get euthanized nigga
Trigger happy nigga, I just can’t stop smiling
Thank God I’m fly, I had to thank my pilot
You think you’re calling shots, you got the wrong number
I love Benjamin Franklin more than his own mother
Throw that pussy, throw that pussy
And I don’t want no throw back pussy, man fuck these pussy-
Ass niggas, I lay back and ash Swishers
My new shoes is ass-kickers, she drink cum like she had hiccups
Rest In Peace to my last victim
We be passing blunts, they be passing judgement
5 blunts of that strong, call that strength in numbers
AK’s with Chiquitas, you shell-shocked like Addidas
Whoever find your body, finders keepers, yeah
It’s that pure Colombia
’Cause soon as the bitch tasted it her tongue was numb
It’s loaded, so I just let her jump the gun
It’s that Dedication 5 and another one, I love it!