Lil Wayne - Fireman (The Carter II (Bonus Disk) Mixtape) (2005)

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Lil Wayne - Fireman (The Carter II (Bonus Disk) Mixtape) lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ain't nobody fuckin' with me man, Heatman
Ski Mask spending next weeks cash, he fast
And I don't even need a G pass, I'm past that
I'm passing 'em out now and you can't have that
And my chain Toucan Sam that
Tropical colors, you can't match that
Gotta be abstract
You catch my gal legs open better smash that
Don't be surprised if she ask where the cash at
I see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crack
My girls can't wear that, why?, that's where my stash at
I put my Mack down, that's where you lack at
She need her candle lit and I'ma wax that
I rekindled the flame
She remembered the name
It's Weezy Baby January December the same
Mama gimme the brain
Mama gimme the cut
Cause I'm the fireman
You hear the fire truck


[Verse 2]
Fresh on campus it's the Birdman Jr
Money too long teachers put away ya rulers
Raw tune not a cartoon
No shirt, tattoos, and some war wounds
I'm hot but the car cool
She wet that's a carpool
Been in that water since a youngin you just shark food
Quick Draw McGraw I went to art school
Yeah the lights is bright but I got a short fuse
Don't snooze
Been handling the game so long my thumbs bruised
Ya new girlfriend is old news
You ain't got enough green and she so blue yeah
Cash Money Records: where dreams come true
Everything is easy baby, leave it up to Weezy Baby
Put it in the pot. Let it steam, let it brew
Now, watch it melt; don't burn yourself


[Verse 3]
Riding by myself - well really, not really
So heavy in the trunk make the car pop a wheelie
Who? Weezy Baby, you call me "Young Baby"
My money 360, you only 180
Half of the game too lazy
Still sleeping on me but I'm, bout to wake em
Yep! I'm bout to take em to New Orleans and bake em
Yeah it's hot down here, take a walk with Satan, yeah
Come on mama, let The Carter make ya
Toss you like a fruit salad, strawberry/grape ya
They ball when they can and I'm ballin' by nature
Addicted to the game like Jordan and Payton
Y'all in the race and me I'm at the finish line
Been running for too long it's time to gimme mine
Straight down your chimney in your living room: it's I
Weezy allergic to wintertime