Lil Wayne & Birdman - I'm Ridin' (Like Father, Like Son (Bonus CD) Album) (2006)

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Lil Wayne & Birdman - I'm Ridin' (Like Father, Like Son (Bonus CD) Album) lyrics

And I'm ridin wit a body on da shotty, stretch a nigga out like pilates, catch a nigga outside his hidy, snatch all the honey from your honey comb now the bees keep flyin by me, I'm On That piff That pody That shit, smokin like vladi spendin dough from the 90's, shinin P Nomy In The liming, Im timing don't time me mufucka I'm a young ass pirhana, don't get caught in that water cuz I'm waitin on a drowner, and on the corner I got packs on the counter, before ya bitch leave i make young mob count em, tryin to get a dollar i could turn into a thousand, I'm so determined its a economic problem.. Drama, thats why I carry the limer... ready at any given day to bury my honor, love weed so much i tried to Mari-Juana, so pass the pastrami and asparagus mama I'm watchin, cause in my area if you got bread you better break it off share ya, I got his ankles, and his stereo, cuz i could get a cool buck fity for that in the body yo dis hollygrove, dis Hollygrove til I adios, I gotta go gotta go got more bags to dope, ye
hot boy wayne since the beginning I've been in and out of some shit, thinnin out the thick, living out the script for the role that was chosen, but I don't want an award I'm Tryin to afford, back to the road in a Honda Accord, the whole right side slam down with that braw, a city supply the city get high like, if I Were Clear I would touch Claudette, im so fresh like sex in da sheets but im from the dirty dirty like sex on da beach, the checks on my nikes they match my carneesh, the button up shirt match my button seats, the ak-47 match my fuckin heat, watch your fuckin feet cuz im hot in the streets, a 1/4 thing is how i got in the streets i had money ever since that week, Weezy!
17 gangsta Hollygrove solider, got a lil money got a lot more colder, my top dont roll up it fold up, my money dont fold up it build up, you niggas aint fly get your gear up, coppped my bitch the Mark Jacob boots and the ear muffs, got her lookin like Kamora or sumthin, brought Kamora to the south now Kamora stuntin, yeah we big business pimpin, chea. walkin wit a limp, talkin with a slur, barkin at your bitch bet her pussy cat purr, she all on mine she aint lookin at yours, and if a man trip he get the blit bla blat blurr, credit Wayne for bringin the hood back first, chea........chea, credit Wayn
e for bringin the hood back first, chea.
Muhhhh Fukka Wizzle!..