Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot (feat. Cory Gunz) (At Bamboozle) (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
, Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
, [Lil...

Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot (feat. Cory Gunz) (At Bamboozle) (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
ZH: 六尺、 七尺高,八脚群

EN: Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
ZH: 六尺、 七尺高,八脚群

EN: [Lil Wayne Verse 1]
ZH: [Lil 韦恩诗歌 1]

EN: Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer
ZH: 请原谅我的魅力,伏特加与香水

EN: swagger down pat, call my shit Patricia
ZH: 记下昂首阔步、 打电话给我的东西帕特里夏 ·

EN: Young Money militia, and I am the commissioner
ZH: 杨钱民兵是专员

EN: you don’t want start Weezy, ’cause the F is for Finisher
ZH: 你不想启动 Weezy,因为 F 是分页装订器

EN: so misunderstood, but what’s a World without enigma?
ZH: 所以误解了,但一个没有谜的世界是什么?

EN: two bitches at the same time, synchronized swimmers
ZH: 同时,两个婊子花样游泳

EN: got the girl twisted ’cause she open when you twist her
ZH: 有了扭曲的因为她打开时你拧她的女孩

EN: never met the bitch, but I f-ck her like I missed her
ZH: 从来没见过的婊子,但 f-ck 她像我错过了她

EN: life is the bitch, and death is her sister
ZH: 生活是婊子,和死亡是她的妹妹

EN: sleep is the cousin, what a f-ckin’ family picture
ZH: 睡眠是表兄弟,f-ckin' 家庭图片

EN: you know father time, we all know mother nature
ZH: 你知道父亲的时间,我们都知道大自然母亲

EN: it’s all in the family, but I am of no relation
ZH: 它是所有在家庭中,但我没有关系的

EN: no matter who’s buying, I’m a celebration
ZH: 不管谁在购买,我庆祝

EN: black and white diamonds, f-ck segregation
ZH: 黑色和白色钻石,f-ck 隔离

EN: f-ck that shit, my money up, you n-ggas just Honey Nut
ZH: 妈的我的钱了,藤黄总你 n-酸的 f-ck 只是亲爱的螺母

EN: Young Money running shit and you n-ggas just runner-ups
ZH: 杨钱运行屎和你 n-藤黄总酸只是亚军

EN: I don’t feel I done enough, so I’ma keep on doing this shit
ZH: 我不觉得我做的不够,所以我要继续做这东西

EN: Lil Tunechi or Young Tunafish
ZH: Lil Tunechi 或年轻金枪鱼

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
ZH: 六尺、 七尺高,八脚群

EN: Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
ZH: 六尺、 七尺高,八脚群

EN: [Lil Wayne Verse 2]
ZH: [Lil 韦恩 2 节]

EN: I’m going back in
ZH: 我要回

EN: okay, I lost my mind, it’s somewhere out there stranded
ZH: 好吧,我失去了理智,它就在那里滞留

EN: I think you stand under me if you don’t understand me
ZH: 我觉得你站在我下,是否你不了解我

EN: had my heart broken by this woman named Tammy
ZH: 这个女人我心碎了名叫苔米吗

EN: but hoes gon’ be hoes, so I couldn’t blame Tammy
ZH: 但锄头尼泊尔政府 ' 是锄头,所以我不能怪苔米

EN: just talked to moms, told her she the sweetest
ZH: 刚跟妈妈,告诉她她最甜

EN: I beat the beat up, call it self defense
ZH: 我打节拍,称之为自我防卫

EN: swear man, I be seeing through these n-ggas like sequins
ZH: 发誓的男人,我能通过这些 n-藤黄总酸亮片像见到

EN: n-ggas think they He-Men, pow, pow, the end
ZH: n-藤黄总酸认为他们大力士,战俘,战俘,结束

EN: talking to myself because I am my own consultant
ZH: 自己说话,因为我是我自己的顾问

EN: married to the money, f-ck the world, that’s adultery
ZH: 嫁给钱,f-ck 世界,这就是通奸

EN: you full of sh-t, you close your mouth and let yo ass talk
ZH: 你完全的 sh-t,你关闭你的嘴,让哟说话的屁股

EN: young Money eating, all you haters do is add salt
ZH: 年轻钱吃,你讨厌做的只是添加盐

EN: stop playing, bitch, I got this game on deadbolt
ZH: 停止播放,贱人,我有这游戏在门锁上

EN: mind so sharp, I f-ck around and cut my head off
ZH: 介意如此锋利,我 f ck 周围和砍我的头

EN: real n-gga all day and tomorrow
ZH: 真正的 n gga 所有天和明天

EN: but these muthaf-ckas talking crazy like they jaw broke
ZH: 但这些世上 ckas 疯话像他们下巴打破了

EN: glass half empty, half full, I’ll spill ya
ZH: 玻璃的空一半,半满,我就会溢震遐

EN: try me and run into a wall, outfielder
ZH: 我试着撞到墙,外场

EN: You know I’ma ball ’til they turn off the field lights
ZH: 你知道我要球直到他们字段关灯

EN: the fruits of my labor, I enjoy ‘em while they still ripe
ZH: 我的劳动成果,享受他们时他们仍然成熟

EN: bitch, stop playing, I do it like a king do
ZH: 婊子、 停止播放,像国王一样做

EN: if these n-ggas animals, then I’ma have a mink soon
ZH: 如果这些 n-藤黄总酸动物,然后我想很快就有水貂

EN: tell ‘em bitches I say put my name on the wall
ZH: 告诉他们我说把我的名字放在墙上的母狗

EN: I speak the truth, but I guess that’s a foreign language to y’all
ZH: 我说真话,但我想这是对你们的一门外语

EN: and I call it like I see it, and my glasses on
ZH: 我把它叫做看它,和我的眼镜上

EN: but most of y’all don’t get the picture ‘less the flash is on
ZH: 但大部分的你们都没拿到图片 ' 少 flash 是上

EN: satisfied with nothing, you don’t know the half of it
ZH: 满意什么,你不知道它的一半

EN: Young Money, Cash Money
ZH: 年轻、 现金钱

EN: paper chasing, tell that paper, “Look, I’m right behind ya”
ZH: 纸追,告诉纸,"听着,我就在你后面"

EN: bitch, real G’s move in silence like lasagna
ZH: 贱人,真正 G 移动中像面条一样的沉默

EN: people say I’m borderline crazy, sorta kinda
ZH: 人们说我感觉是边缘的疯狂

EN: woman of my dreams, I don’t sleep so I can’t find her
ZH: 女人的梦想,我不在这里睡觉所以我不能找到她

EN: you n-ggas are gelatin, peanuts to an elephant
ZH: 你 n-藤黄总酸是明胶,花生到大象

EN: I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate
ZH: 我是通过这一句像一个主语和谓语

EN: yeah, with a swag you would kill for
ZH: 肯定的你会杀了赃物

EN: money too strong, pockets on bodybuilder
ZH: 钱太过强烈,健美先生的口袋

EN: jumped in a wishing well, now wish me well
ZH: 现在在许愿井一跃,祝我好

EN: tell ‘em kiss my ass, call it kiss and tell
ZH: 告诉他们亲亲我的屁股,叫它亲吻和告诉

EN: [Cory Gunz]
ZH: [云斯柯]

EN: Word to my mama, I’m out of my lima bean
ZH: Word 对我妈妈,我是从我利马豆

EN: don’t wanna see what that drama mean, get some Dramamine
ZH: 不想看到什么那戏曲的意思是,让有些晕

EN: llama scream, hotter than summer sun on a Ghana queen
ZH: 美洲驼的尖叫声,加纳女王比夏天的太阳热

EN: now all I want is hits, bitch, Wayne signed a fiend
ZH: 现在我想要的就是命中,贱人,韦恩签署了恶魔

EN: I played the side for you n-ggas that’s tryna front, and see
ZH: 我为你藤黄总 n-酸是最潇洒的前面,演奏边,看看

EN: son of Gunz, Son of Sam, you n-ggas the son of me
ZH: 云斯,山姆的儿子,你 n-藤黄总酸的我儿子的儿子

EN: pause for this dumber speech, I glow like Buddha
ZH: 暂停为这笨的讲话,我就像佛陀发光

EN: disturb me, and you’ll be all over the flow like Luda
ZH: 打扰我,和你就要流像鲁达

EN: bitch, I flow like scuba, bitch, I’m bald like Cuba
ZH: 贱人,我流像水肺潜水,贱人,我是秃头像古巴

EN: and I keep a killer ho, she gon’ blow right through ya
ZH: 和我保持一个杀手豪,她尼泊尔政府 ' 权通过震遐的打击

EN: I be macking, ’bout my stacking, now I pack like a mover
ZH: 我被缠,' bout 我堆叠,现在我像一个移动器打包

EN: shout to ratchet for backing out on behalf of my shooter
ZH: 喊来代表我的射手退出棘轮

EN: n-ggas think they high as I, I come laugh at your ruler
ZH: n-藤黄总酸认为他们高作为我拜托嘲笑你的尺子

EN: Cash Money cold, bitch, but our actions is cooler
ZH: 现金钱冷、 婊子,但我们的行动是冷却器

EN: Wayne, these n-ggas out they mind
ZH: 韦恩,这些 n-藤黄总酸出他们介意

EN: I done told these f-ck n-ggas, so many times
ZH: 我做了这么多次告诉这些 f-ck n-藤黄总酸,

EN: that I keep these bucks steady on my mind
ZH: 使这些块稳定我的心事

EN: tuck these, I f-ck these on your mind, pause
ZH: 被子这些,我 f ck 这些心事,暂停

EN: to feed them, on my grind, did I get a little love?
ZH: 喂它们,对我的折磨,我到一点爱?

EN: keep throwing my sign in the middle
ZH: 保持在中间扔我的标志

EN: hit ‘em up, piece on my side, ’cause ain’t no peace on my side, bitch
ZH: 他们打起来,站在我这边的片断,因为不是站在我这边没有和平贱人

EN: I’m a man, I visit urinals abroad
ZH: 我是个男人,我访问国外小便池

EN: Tune told me to, I’m shooting when the funeral outside
ZH: 曲调告诉我的我射击时外面的葬礼

EN: I’m uptown, thoroughbred, a BX n-gga, ya heard?
ZH: 我小区、 纯种、 BX n-gga,你听说过吗?

EN: Gunna
ZH: 贡纳