Lil Scrappy - Bad (That's Her) (feat. Stuey Rock) (2010)

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Lil Scrappy - Bad (That's Her) (feat. Stuey Rock) lyrics

That's her, that's her, that's her, that's her
Say that's her, that's her, that's her, that's her
(What they say shawty!)
Oooh She know she bad, She know she bad
Bad than a muthafu*ka
She know she bad, she know she bad, bad, bad, bad than a muthafu*ka

Check it, She got her own crib
She got her own whip
She got her own flip, so she take her own trip
She got her own swag
She buy her own bag
And when she hit the mall, man she pop her own tags
And she so pretty, high siddity, she don't need no nigga
And when she in the club, dog she buy her liquor
I mean her own bottle
And held it in the air
She throwed her own ones nigga like "hell yea!"
Look at her walk, she look just like a diva
If she was a scale then she'd be off the meter
You know what she say, "money aint a thang"
And when she take me out to eat she buy the whole thang


When you flashin' all your jewelry that don't do nothin' for her
And if you try and impress her, gotta buy her more than water
I think she kinda sorta finer than the one before her
She rather ride her own Benz than slide off in yo Hummer
Oh yes she smoke that Kush, she don't fuck with that Mid
She mess with grown men, she cant fu*k with no kids
Can't fu*k with that sh*t
Nigga stayin wit his mama
She'd rather cash a check than being in some drama
She to free to let him cuff her
She a sexy muthafu*ka
While you tellin her you love her, she'll be moving to anotha
(Uh huh) You got a Sidekick, she got an IPhone
Man I love that bit*h
Cuz she got her own


Something bout this girl
That I seen
5'5" True Religion jeans
Something bout the way that she stand
Louis purse in hand, and glasses in the other hand
Plus you got your own cash
And you got your own crib
And you got your own ride
Swag on Satellite
She know she bad
She know she bad
She know she bad
Bad,,Bad than a muthafu*ka


(Lil Scrappy talkin)
Now that's just for the beautiful womean
The ones who handle dey business
Take care of dey own kids
(They don't need no man)
They tryin' ta get it like us (x4)
That's her (x7)
That's YOU!
Leh' Go!!
G's up
Zone 3 all day