Lil Scrappy - Bad (That's Her) (feat. Stuey Rock) lyrics (Chinese translation). | CHORUS:
, That's her, that's her, that's her, that's her
, Say that's her, that's her, that's her,...
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Lil Scrappy - Bad (That's Her) (feat. Stuey Rock) (Chinese translation) lyrics

ZH: 合唱:

EN: That's her, that's her, that's her, that's her
ZH: 这就是她,那是她,她就是她

EN: Say that's her, that's her, that's her, that's her
ZH: 说这是她,这就是她,那是她,就是她

EN: (What they say shawty!)
ZH: (他们说什么不错但决比不上!)

EN: Oooh She know she bad, She know she bad
ZH: 噢她知道她好,她知道她坏

EN: Bad than a muthafu*ka
ZH: 坏比 muthafu * ka

EN: She know she bad, she know she bad, bad, bad, bad than a muthafu*ka
ZH: 她知道她坏,她知道她不好,坏,坏,坏比 muthafu * ka

ZH: 第 1 节:

EN: Check it, She got her own crib
ZH: 请检查它,她有她自己的小床

EN: She got her own whip
ZH: 她有她自己的鞭子

EN: She got her own flip, so she take her own trip
ZH: 她有她自己的翻转,所以她把她自己的旅行

EN: She got her own swag
ZH: 她有她自己的战利品

EN: She buy her own bag
ZH: 她买给她自己的包

EN: And when she hit the mall, man she pop her own tags
ZH: 当她去逛街,老兄她流行她自己标记

EN: And she so pretty, high siddity, she don't need no nigga
ZH: 她这么漂亮,高 siddity,她不需要没有黑鬼

EN: And when she in the club, dog she buy her liquor
ZH: 她在俱乐部,当狗她买她酒

EN: I mean her own bottle
ZH: 我的意思是她自己的瓶子

EN: And held it in the air
ZH: 举行了它在空气中

EN: She throwed her own ones nigga like "hell yea!"
ZH: 她把钱丢她自己那些黑鬼喜欢"地狱是!"

EN: Look at her walk, she look just like a diva
ZH: 看她走路,她看起来就像女主角

EN: If she was a scale then she'd be off the meter
ZH: 如果她是一个秤然后她会跳表

EN: You know what she say, "money aint a thang"
ZH: 你知道她什么不说,"钱是升"

EN: And when she take me out to eat she buy the whole thang
ZH: 她带我吃的时候她买整个唐卡

ZH: * 合唱 *

ZH: 第 2 节:

EN: When you flashin' all your jewelry that don't do nothin' for her
ZH: 当你闪啊闪还所有你不为她做任何事的首饰

EN: And if you try and impress her, gotta buy her more than water
ZH: 如果你试着和打动她,要给她买多水

EN: I think she kinda sorta finer than the one before her
ZH: 我觉得她比之前她一个有点细

EN: She rather ride her own Benz than slide off in yo Hummer
ZH: 她宁愿骑她自己奔驰在关闭幻灯片比哟悍马

EN: Oh yes she smoke that Kush, she don't fuck with that Mid
ZH: 哦是的她抽烟的兴都库什、 她不搞,年年中

EN: She mess with grown men, she cant fu*k with no kids
ZH: 她惹成熟的男人,她不能富 * k 与没有孩子

EN: Can't fu*k with that sh*t
ZH: 不能富 * k 与那 sh * t

EN: Nigga stayin wit his mama
ZH: 黑鬼科特机智他妈妈

EN: She'd rather cash a check than being in some drama
ZH: 她宁可会比一些戏剧中正在兑现支票

EN: She to free to let him cuff her
ZH: 她免费让他袖她

EN: She a sexy muthafu*ka
ZH: 她性感 muthafu * ka

EN: While you tellin her you love her, she'll be moving to anotha
ZH: 同时你告诉她你爱她,她会搬到 anotha

EN: (Uh huh) You got a Sidekick, she got an IPhone
ZH: (嗯嗯)你有一个助手,她有一部 IPhone

EN: Man I love that bit*h
ZH: 人啊爱那位 * h

EN: Cuz she got her own
ZH: 因为她有她自己

ZH: * 合唱: *

ZH: (代言摇滚节):

EN: Something bout this girl
ZH: 东西怎么样这个女孩

EN: That I seen
ZH: 那我见过

EN: 5'5" True Religion jeans
ZH: 5'5"真正的宗教牛仔裤

EN: Something bout the way that she stand
ZH: 东西怎么样她站立的方式

EN: Louis purse in hand, and glasses in the other hand
ZH: 路易钱包的手,和另一只手的眼镜

EN: Plus you got your own cash
ZH: 再加上你有你自己的现金

EN: And you got your own crib
ZH: 你有你自己的婴儿床

EN: And you got your own ride
ZH: 你有你自己的车

EN: Swag on Satellite
ZH: 卫星上的赃物

EN: She know she bad
ZH: 她知道她坏

EN: She know she bad
ZH: 她知道她坏

EN: She know she bad
ZH: 她知道她坏

EN: Bad,,Bad than a muthafu*ka
ZH: 坏、 坏比 muthafu * ka

ZH: * 合唱 *

EN: (Lil Scrappy talkin)
ZH: (Lil 零碎说话)

EN: Now that's just for the beautiful womean
ZH: 现在这还只是美丽的最

EN: The ones who handle dey business
ZH: 那些人处理 dey 业务

EN: Take care of dey own kids
ZH: 照顾 dey 自己孩子

EN: (They don't need no man)
ZH: (他们不需要任何人)

EN: They tryin' ta get it like us (x4)
ZH: 他们尽力让它像我们 (4)

EN: That's her (x7)
ZH: 这就是她 (x 7)

EN: That's YOU!
ZH: 这是你!

EN: Leh' Go!!
ZH: Leh' 去 !!

EN: G's up
ZH: G 的向上


EN: Zone 3 all day
ZH: 一天 3 区