Lil Scrappy - Addicted To Money (feat. Ludacris) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, Im addicted to money (x 16)
, [Chorus]
, Oooh I gotta have it, ohhhh I gotta grab it,
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Lil Scrappy - Addicted To Money (feat. Ludacris) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: Im addicted to money (x 16)
ZH: Im 沉迷于钱 (16)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Oooh I gotta have it, ohhhh I gotta grab it,
ZH: 哦我得有,哦我得抓住它,

EN: hustle real hard gotta stack dat cash,
ZH: 喧嚣真正硬得堆栈 dat 现金

EN: Im addicted to money (x 4)
ZH: Im 沉迷于钱 (4)

EN: Its the one that i put before a hoe,
ZH: 其我放在一把锄头之前, 的那个

EN: Money is all a n-gga get fo sho,
ZH: 钱就是所有的 n gga 火炭 sho

EN: Im addicted to money (x 4)
ZH: Im 沉迷于钱 (4)

EN: Look at ya boy, got 50 thousand in his mouth,
ZH: 看看你小子,得在他嘴里,5 万

EN: Look at ya boy, up in the way bigger house,
ZH: 看看你的男孩,在方式更大的房子,

EN: Im addicted to money (x 4)
ZH: Im 沉迷于钱 (4)

EN: [Lil Scrappy]
ZH: [莉莉的心声]

EN: Born makin money,
ZH: 出生不断映入眼帘的钱,

EN: I growed up in the hood yeah,
ZH: 我长大的但却在敞篷是,

EN: all da hoes love me cos they throw me real good,
ZH: 所有 da 锄头都爱我因为他们要把我真的很好

EN: been wearing the same clothes bout 8 days,
ZH: 一直穿着相同的衣服怎么样 8 天,

EN: when I cop dat 8 ball when and flipped it 8 ways,
ZH: 当我 cop dat 8 球时和翻转它的 8 种方法

EN: I dont feel clean but a n-gga so paid,
ZH: 我觉得不干净但 n gga 如此支付,

EN: got the clean white tee with the fresh shades
ZH: 有与清新色调的干净的白色 tee

EN: aint got the charger got my bitch escalade,
ZH: 没趣充电器有我贱人凯迪拉克

EN: sipping on the Grey Goose and some damn lemonade,
ZH: 灰鹅和一些该死的柠檬水,喝着

EN: sitting on the block while it’s hot, it aint nothing,
ZH: 坐在块上,虽然天很热,但它不是什么,

EN: Im a rapaton (?) rapper, still got the hood run,
ZH: Im rapaton (?) 说唱,仍然有运行,在敞篷

EN: been through hell and back and i ain’t fronting,
ZH: 已通过地狱、 腰不是朝向、

EN: n-ggas talking bout dope like they f-cking sell some,
ZH: n-藤黄总酸说话 bout 毒品像他们 f 华君卖一些,

EN: [Chrous]
ZH: [] Chrous

EN: [Ludacris]
ZH: [] Ludacris

EN: Im addicted to money,
ZH: Im 沉迷于金钱,

EN: Im addicted to clothes,
ZH: Im 上瘾的衣服,

EN: Ive been a pimp my whole life so I’m addicted to hoes,
ZH: 香港专业教育学院是皮条客我的一生,所以我沉溺于锄头,吗

EN: they feel I’m the big dipper, let em play with the stock,
ZH: 他们觉得我是北斗七星,让的 em 玩玩股票,

EN: but they don’t wanna f-ck me they wanna f-ck my car,
ZH: 但他们不想 f-ck 我我的车,他们要到 f-ck

EN: on the bare skin rug no shoes or socks,
ZH: 在裸露的皮肤的地毯上没有鞋或袜子,

EN: so on three you and the coupe gotta lose your top,
ZH: 等等你和 coupe 得失去您的最大的三

EN: see I’m addicted to the paper I’ve been getting for years,
ZH: 看到我沉迷于我过的文件多年来,得到

EN: and my whip is all white I call it britney spears,
ZH: 我的鞭子是所有白色我称之为小甜甜布兰妮

EN: say life is like a circus when you stuck on the block,
ZH: 说生活就像一个马戏团当你困在块中,

EN: so we don’t snitch or eat pork, we don’t f-ck with the cops,
ZH: 所以我们不告密,或吃猪肉,我们不 f-ck 和警察,

EN: thats why i be getting paper till the day that i die,
ZH: 这就是为什么我得到纸直到我死的那一天

EN: so like Monica Lewinski keep your head up high,
ZH: 所以像莫妮卡把抬起头来高,

EN: sooo,
ZH: 这样,

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Its the son of the preacher, but raised by the dope lady,
ZH: 其牧师,但提出的涂料女士的儿子

EN: talk get money, pimp laws and n-ggas gone hate me,
ZH: 谈论骗钱、 皮条客法律和 n-藤黄总酸去恨我,

EN: I got a good heart and a good brain,
ZH: 我有颗善良的心和一个好的大脑,

EN: you heard my gangsta story,
ZH: 你听说过我的黑帮故事,

EN: my life is off the chain,
ZH: 我的生活是掉链

EN: my mum flipped the cane, and pop was up the church,
ZH: 我妈妈翻转的甘蔗和 pop 了教会,

EN: but you and had me in the hallway with the (?)
ZH: 但你和我在走廊与 (?)

EN: praying that I stay safe and I don’t get murked,
ZH: 祈祷我保持安全和我别 murked,

EN: but I bet I get paid make that money work,
ZH: 但我敢打赌我能付费的让那钱的工作,

EN: hit the garage I bet I got a bigger merc,
ZH: 打我敢打赌我有更大奔驰车库

EN: let me holler at your b-tch I make that p-ssy hurt,
ZH: 让我喊你 b tch 我让那 p 啬伤害,

EN: for real tho you know that I get dough,
ZH: 真的,虽然你知道我得到的面团,

EN: been the record game and my mission is to get more.
ZH: 已记录的游戏,我的任务是获得更多。

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]

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EN: Peace!
ZH: 和平 !