Lil Reese - Walter Payton (2012)

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Lil Reese - Walter Payton lyrics

Money over bitches
I gotta get this cash
I'mma call a play and they gon' think we passing
Every time I skate I see them niggas hating (Skirrt)
They know we running lines
I call it Walter Payton, Walter Payton
Why they be fakin
Alot of Niggas say they real but they fakin
I call it Walter Payton, Walter Payton
They know we running lines
I call it Walter Payton (ManDown)

[Lil Reese: Verse 1]
Walter Payton
Why they be fakin
A lot of niggas say the real
But they be fakin
But they be fakin
My niggas waiting
We out here on this block
And nigga, my niggas waiting
We got no patience, these shooters anxious
I think I lost my patience
If you ain't with us, then is fuck you we do this for the nation
300 hunna, crazy
300 hunna, crazy
And I ain't talking running last when I say, Walter Payton
Walter Payton im running up and banging
We out here posted up on this block, and bitch we Lamron crazy
Lamron crazy bitch yea we Lamron crazy (3hunna)


[Lil Reese: Verse 2]
Walter Payton
Now I been thinkin alot of niggas they not with the shits so they been fakin
Yea they been fakin they ain't gon make it
We fucked her and you wifed her man that shit is crazy (SluttyBoyz)
That shit is crazy we do this shit for us nigga ain't no hesitationing
Free my niggas in them county's
Who they tryna hang me they tryna hang me
It ain't no game man you know 3hunna