Lil' Kim - Shut Up Chick (Intro) lyrics

Ladies and Gentleman my I have your attention,
it has come to my attention,
that your ragedy bitches always got a mothaf**kin' opinion about somebody,
what somebody should've been doin',
what they should've been wearin',
what they should've been doin' wit there mothaf**kin money,
why don't you get a mothaf**kin' life bitch,
you've been ragedy when Lil Kim first came out and ya ass is still ragedy,
that why you got time worry about what other mothaf**ka's is doin,
it's Queen Bee bitch, not Pawn, not Rook, not Knight, Queen
you ain't no mothaf**kin' royality matter a fact just do me a favor and shut up bitch,
I don't even like bitches talkin' bit.. wait hold on let me say somethin' to ya,
this is what your doin and this is what I need you to be doin',
see watch hold on ...... see even I could do even a pimp can do it,
you see how I can shut up thats what the f**k you need to be doin is to SHUT THE F**K UP BITCH.