Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - My Man... Shawty... lyrics

Lil MAma

There is somethin that I gotta tell ya
cause I know that a brotha got needs tonight
now I aint trippin on ya velvet cuz that's just tight
but you gotta pay tonight tonight tonight

I know you wanna get layed tonight, but Im tryna get payed tonight
we aint even gotta fuss and fight just hit me right it's on all night
I know you wanna get in bed with me, but you gotta come correctly
nothin in life is free especially not me

I hope you can feel me when I say pay before you lay with me
wanna taste this? but its prices
It might be somethin you aint never done before
but Im not yo ordinary ho


now we club SHAWTY
not lookin fo a luv SHAWTY
but im looking fo a gurl SHAWTY
one i can cut SHAWTY
like da mama inda blue SHAWTY
she so goddamn cute SHAWTY
but she said she need chesse SHAWTY
befo she deal wit me SHAWTY
well let me see SHAWTY
what it might be SHAWTY
and whats yo fee SHAWTY
fo my fantasy SHAWTY
now i aint rich SHAWTY
but i spend a lil bit SHAWTY
so who you wit SHAWTY
lets do this S**t SHAWTY

Chorus 1x

Bridge: there is somethin i gotta tell ya before you lay wit me tonight
i aint got no problem wit fly by nights butcha gotta pay
tonight tonight toniiiiiiiight

what chu talkin bout SHAWTY
that didnt come out yo mouth SHAWTY
and you say you want some cash SHAWTY
befo i hit that A** SHAWTY
im not yo boy SHAWTY
i aint no toy SHAWTY
dont play no games SHAWTY
cuz i aint lame SHAWTY
but fo my gurl SHAWTY
ill give her da world SHAWTY
aint no thang SHAWTY
to give up that change SHAWTY
i aint rich SHAWTY
but i spend a lil bit SHAWTY
so who u wit SHAWTY
lets do dis s**t SHAWTY

Chorus 2x

Now I'll be there for you if you want me to
and I'll be by ur side if the price is right
Take care of me and ill take care of you
Cuz nothin in life is free ohhh