Lil' J - Tru Blu lyrics

(feat. Chase)

It's all for you
It's all for you
I remember the day that you came in my life
Ever since then y'know we've always been tight
If I ever needed you day and night
You were always right there by my side
A friend with no fears you bring me no tears
You always sincere, yeah its true
You follow no peers all times your all ears
Show theres no better friend than you
Someone who's there time and time again
24/7 It never matters when
I know for a fact that you got my back
See, your the defination of a friend
Whatever you have I know you'd split it with me
When Im alone I know you kick it with me
When others diss I know you listen to me
'Cuz your the bomb-diggity

It dont matter what nobody else says
We'll be friends 'til the very end
You got my back and I got yours
You couldnt ask for anything more
It dont matter what my other friends say
Because of you brings a brighter day (because your you)
And your a friend that's true blue
Your a friend thats true blue

You know say that good friends're hard to find
Im sorry to hear that but Ive found mine
Stuck in jam
Caught in a bind
Your always there right on time
You do so much you put up no fuss
Your always in a rush to help me out
The kind that I trust
The kind thats honest
Plus your here to the end, no doubt
So no matter how thick the plot
I know I can find you on the spot
Lets go
In my list your on top

[Chorus x2]

Your a friend that's true blue
Your a friend that's true blue
Your a friend that's true blue
Your a friend that's true blue