Lil Flip - Heartbreaker (2010)

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Lil Flip - Heartbreaker lyrics

I miss you like crazy

Day after day,
night after night,
i feel so lost without you right by my side,
girl i miss you like crazy (crazy)
i miss you like crazy (see you tonight)
i miss you like crazy

Taylor made suits, creased like a napkin
lets be real its time, time for some action
she b.... with a dimple on her right cheek
ima go get her one day, cuz she like me
we used to txt all night, now we sex all night
you see the mirrors on the ceiling
put me in her bank gaining interest
and just think last year you were my mistress
you a qaurter, fiften more than a dime
we on the g5 tell em keep trying
in two hours i can hit it three times
i wont break your heart if you hold me down
big guns for the other side
helps security in my hood, im gunna ride
you can be mrs gangsta if you act right
today ima break you out like last night

you ......
you know what to do
i cant be with you

Now we, kicking it like everyday
i cant lie, i love you in a special way
you good for me like special k
so lets rundavu in a special place
dont act, all you need is your passport
i promise not to break your heart like the last mort
we maxed out my visa on our last date
we spent a stack on jumbalya and crab cakes
i gotcha back if ever you need a soul mate
like morry i find a chick you can rotate
forget half, im giving you the whole safe
ohkay im lying, but at least i told you
girl im a soldier, drop and give me fifty
get with me baby and ima show you how to clock a milli
dont get silly if you really wanna live with me
if you a heartbreaker, dont you deal with me, bye.

i miss you like crazy (crazy)
day after day
night after night
i feel so lost without you right by my side
girl i miss you like crazy
i dont know what to do
i cant be with you