Lil Fame - Get Busy (2013)

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Lil Fame - Get Busy lyrics

I step beside of the plates
Razor blade between my fingers
Slide skin of the side of your face
Call the pussy on the side of your face
I'm looking all inside of your face
You know the outcome
Nigga ER bound, the doc stitch a butterfly on your face
'Cause every street nigga ain't a rapper
And every rapper ain't a street nigga, you learn
Fucking with me, nigga, from the home of boom box, Brooklyn Academy
Younglings with big guns shoot up your anatomy
Anybody who's anybody, nigga you been a body
I put your grill on kill, I'm like the kin of Gotti
Full side, too, I keep it oh, so real
The label all on mine, read no thrills
They wanna see me on Forbes list, they still love me
I'm known for keeping the torch lit, no forklift nigga

Get busy, yes I
Get busy, yes I
Get busy