Lil Durk & OTF Nunu - OC (2014)

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Lil Durk & OTF Nunu - OC lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
Smoke opps out a vega, 20 a show and the these niggas can't take us
40 ruger leave a nigga with face lifts
RIP Pluto me and him on a space ship
Told bentley dem put me on the wait list
I just copped me a chop but that nina my fragrance
Roc gotta mop he addicted to maitenence
No barber but bro nem be taping
Fly in that [?] with that steamer with k's
I got the axe and i throw up the trey
I'm getting money I'm stuck in my ways
Bitch, you ain't me, cause i gotta get paid
Niggas be talking, got shooters like Ray
Slide in the morning do a drill no Sway
Wanted his head gotta watch for the jakes
Niggas they bitch, they chill for the cake
But these bitch ass niggas so fake

[Verse 2: OTF NuNu]
These niggas be fake, gotta watch them
I’m hot, so I know they plotting
Go broke,have lil bro rob them
That Nina my problem solver
Man down, no shells, revolver
At the top, but I gotta go harder
I like my lean a lil darker
Bullet holes, same sound, miss Parker
My squad, they stay on dummy
Get back if you ain’t gettin’ no money
YSL got me straight stuntin
I’m strapped, you tweaked, I’m upping
Cash out, make it back, it’s nothing
Red spots on his face, no blushing
These guns, they burning like Usher
My shooters gonna scorch to bust them

[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
Niggas get clapped bout rap
War time, no twitter but a nigga get clout
Clout Boyz, beg for a diss to get clout
Do a hit on 4-6, catch a opp then we out
Ring cost 30, but the watch cost 50
Ask french, cause he got at the same place for like 50
Free 5, tryna give bro 5 thats 50
Then we slide wit the 50, free 9 no 50
And we cooling with foreign
Bang Bro yo bitch no porn
Just made a hundred off touring
Free Rio, gave him 23 like jordan
Twenty two shotz, plus one that's Jordan
If you stupid, niggas mad cause we do this
Lil Varney he a savage and he ruthless
3hunna OTF, that’s the movement

[Verse 4: OTF NuNu]
Put a drum in a nickel
Shootas on point, and they aiming official
Blowing that tech like a ref with a whistle
My niggas they thirsty don't pick up your dribble
Want war we got missiles
Squad so hungry they eating a grissle
Bitch I'm the shit, I'm allergic to tissue
We savage, not civil
Get money no issue
Only the family cause niggas ain't with you
Feeling myself,cause I copped a new pistol
Aiki gon' blow, Rex toting on the low
Bottle lens for the scope
Guns cocked for a roach
Take 'em down for the coke
Remy got it in his coat
Pound and lean, roll the dope
These niggas don't tote
Yall niggas won't blow
400 for da goat
Broke niggas do the most
Stacking bread by the loaf
Burning trees by da O
Try to swim, and get soaked