Lil Chuckee - Big Ole Booty (2011)

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Lil Chuckee - Big Ole Booty lyrics

Okay i was in the club, in the club ..
I’ve seen the bad over with the bigger ole booty
I tell her come here i think her name is Judy
She try to walk away i say where you going booty where you’re going
Where you’re going, where you’re going, where you’re going big booty
Put it on me, put it on me, where you’re going big ole boty
Easy, real easy, real go that big oh booty
Let me feel, let me feel, where you’re going that big ole booty

I was yelling in the club tryin with my ..
I see them girl all over the booty look like ..
I told to come here you know i speed the ..
She say i know who you with Judy is the name
She say she like my chain i told her this was ugly
He was ear you know i got the ..
The things would like to ..
Bows and Chuck ..was ..this booty i was .. you know i was the bad
.. hole up, hole up, go back, and i wasn’t cuff but it’s right here it’s my ..
So i got a number .. i’m a color, right now with the sleep
I was dreaming bout booty


Big hoe booty you show as a cutie
My name is Chucky i win her like
Where you see the .. she say you’re talking to my ..
The look i’m sorry i’m tryin to .. where you ..
Girl you buzz you show you’re working hard
And w when you’re working me with a headache’s when i go to sleep dream about the ..