Lil Chuckee - A$$ (Remix) (2011)

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Lil Chuckee - A$$ (Remix) lyrics

Uh! Yeah!
I tell that girl drop it low, mess it up and fuck it real
Nigger go pop it out, pop it out for some …
Mess with you and I’mma put you in the…
Skinny jeans skateboard, do a.. on your face,
Pour milk in on your burger
With … going now
I think I’m in my zone
And baby my dream saying the only thing is low
Uh, I’m feeling myself, Gucci on the belt
All these.. around my neck, I think I’m killing my health!
It’s too easy, trace a different…
Stick… down this throat I hear…
Yeah damn, get me my money
…I’mma gazelle!
Six rings, I’m a champ, stuck your face in the mud,
Welcome to my boot camp!
Stop! And let my mother track your money…like chang, chang
But I’m with the nigger who is in a plane…
And I don’t listen to rappers cause they say the same thing
Cross me and get .. you would wanna do the right think like…
What else to say?
I don’t know!
Don’t get it twisted, I’m the…
These young rappers funny, I’m ..
Bring ‘em to the mommy, uh!
These niggers ain’t getting..
I thought I told you!
I hate to be played with, man!