Lil Boosie - How Deep Is Your Love lyrics

You gotta hold me down(6x)
How deep...tell Me(2x)
How deep is yo love
How deep How deep how deep is your love

Verse 1
Would u baby sit some kids that aint even yurs
Be at court every morning wit them bad nervs
Break yo nigga off swiftly on the first an third
Stick by ya nigga ride or die f*** what ya heard
Would u swerv on the passenger side
If a nigga get to trippin would you bust the 4-5 so he caint die
Would u stick by nigga wit no blame on
If he had another baby would u change on would u change on
A lot a hoes b wantin a rang up on they finger
But they aint real an they showl aint gangsta
Gotta be more than just a bust it baby
Thru the rain an all the pain gotta trust ya baby
From november to december we been tripin lately
Thought goin thru my mind that u slipin baby
Love yo nigga mane no matter what his occupation
F***them skezy ass hoes you his old lady an das the bitness


Verse 2
Smell like onion rings would she do half the things she don 2 me
100 100 100 how i like my woman call her rubber band boosie when she wrap my money

Do you sqeeze yo nigga tight when he leave the house
Break him aff yo whole taxes if his money shawt
Girl how you ride
Keep it real wit yo nigga pop a pill wit yo nigga pack you bags in NY an get a deal wit yo nigga
Momma told me if she love me she'll b bak....she might not trust you again but she'll be bak
You go hard for yo nigga live large wit yo nigga take a charge for yo nigga man shout out to taquila
Cookin meals keep his belly right
Give em head an fie pussy like every night dat what dey like
Go to the doctor tell da doctor dat yo throat get a prescription just so yo lil nigga can sip purp


Verse 3
Already got the message how its goin down
Since i been doin my thang you dont come around
I know I aint been spending time like im supposed ta
But you the only one I love like i love that doja s***
If i told u was the only one would you believe it
If i was feanin for that pussy would ya stunt an tease me
If i was locked off in a cell would you come an see me
Say baby i know you doin ya best to try to please me
Promise to stick by me I know she aint bout violence but if the gay shit kick off i know she silent
When I was lose on the run she was right there wit me
When it come to love we go deep she 100 not 50
If it cum down to it she'll hit the road an go get it
Right or wrong thick or thin she gone still be wit it so tell me what the bitness is im just tryna run into an tell ya how deep it is