Lil' Blacky - Wait 4 Ever lyrics

Never coming back this way
Never coming back to this place

I'm gonna wait 4ever [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Please forgive me for the sins I've committed
I know I did you wrong and I deeply regret it
Please come back I never meant to do that
Find it in your heart to give me another chance
Baby girl I know what I did was wrong
Now I'm sitting all alone writing this song
I'm asking myself why I took that chance
Of risking it all to let you slip out my hands
I knew you was good you could've been the one
Now it's my fault you ain't riding shot gun
If you come back I promise things will be better
Now Baby girl for you I'm a wait forever

I'm gonna wait 4ever [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Whatever I can do I'm a do just that
To try to get you back 'n' give me another chance
I'm sorry for the pain didn't mean for the tears
I know in your mind you think you wasted them years
You say you can't trust me cause of what I did
Now all I can do is think about how it could've been
I'm a wait for as long as it takes
For you to realize I apologize for my mistakes
Why was I looking for a better women
When I had the best already right with me
But I didn't realize until it was too late
For you forever girl I'm gonna wait

I'm gonna wait 4ever [x4]

[Verse 3:]
It's been some time 'n' you still not here
I know it's my fault that you thought I didn't care
Didn't realize I was looking for what I already had
And that was you only you now I can't
Believe what I did ruined everything we had
The life we had is all in the past
At night I sleep and hope it's all a bad dream
Then I wake and realize there's still no you n me
And I'm gonna change that unless you forgive
And let me back in your heart I'll never do it again
That's a promise I'm asking you one last time
Everyone makes mistakes give me one last try

I'm gonna wait 4ever [x8]