Lil B - The Trap (2010)

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Lil B - The Trap lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil B]
Dog down the street, had a infamous, code name
Blow mayne, narcotics, collecting all profit
I done stopped to see my niggas, not tonight
Cuz tonight be the day I come up, over night
Suck it up the pain and jail time, suckas stuntin' on me writing 26
As a kid resemblin', everything I thought about

[Verse 2: Lil B]
I didn't have priorities
Cheap change, small talk
Hitting scams for multiple dollars, mobile to solid
Before I started rapping, the streets were my college
I passed with honors, write a book to, capture my knowledge
Audio or visual man the teachers is power
Because I'm dead..I don't relate to you cowards

[Lil B talking]
Living dead, we trapped
This hood man, remember the hood is a mindset
Being a thug, being from the hood that's a mindset
Respect who respects you

[Verse 3: Lil B]
Trapped in this bullshit
Parking tickets killing me
Taxes on the right side
Ain't nobody feeling me
When we make money why is it given to the government?
Got a new President but ain't nobody feeling him
I'll overturn the government, but ain't nobody feeling that
Y'all muh fuckas..even scared to rap
Speak your mind

[Verse 4: Lil B]
I'm trapped because the brothers that's resembling my complexion
Is standing at the stop signs and the intersections
Yeah I'm discriminating
But my age group is hard to find friends most of em is eliminated
Watching TV, turned on seen ElimiDate
Man teach me how to buy property, in 50 states
Teach me about some real shit

[Lil B talking]
Even though that's real life
Teach me about some taxes
Why didn't nobody teach me about taxes on TV?
Why don't nobody teach us about none of that man?
What's going on?
Why don't people teach us about getting together?
That's why we're trapped

[Verse 5: Lil B]
How the fuck the oil spill, in the mother fucking ocean
Alotta people talk the game but really need devotion
See how I see things, my philosophy is intricate
I grew up in the hood, but I privileged experience the visuals, that I seen

[Verse 6: Lil B]
Take it from me, man appreciate your time here
Cuz even if you overlook, just know my mind here
Plus I understand from, underground to mainstream
Mainstresam dick suck
Underground no cash
Fuck that, make your own life
Fantasize rap I got a structure for the fucking human race
But it's time we explore, jog in place with the race
Win a race
Appreciate death
Then I place

[Lil B talking]
Let's get out the hood y'all, let's get out that mind state
The hood is a trap, remember that
Just keep that positive, get your core friends that love you
And motivate your friends
It's time to start being honest
Just know it's all a trap
The hood is a mind state, remember that