Lil B - Soul Food (2015)

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Lil B - Soul Food lyrics

[Intro: Lil B]
Yeah, yeah we back in it, you namsayin'?
This for the fuckin struggle you feel me
Real talk man motherfuckers that grew up with dirt shit
Motherfuckers was in that house you didn't even know
You namsayin'? we came up from nothing to that unda man its that struggle pain music, we done made it

[Verse 1: Lil B]
Grew up not knowing that a nigga was po
Tryna get it from the stove might as well take it all
Whole family broke up cause errybody for self
Nobody fuck with me cause a nigga ain't got it
But I got everything most people can't stop it
Tryna go online like Tidal
Tryna make more sense than a bio
Only living for cash
Puttin' money on your head, bitch I'm living for that
Had to dig deep and see where my feelings was at
You niggas sold pussy, I can't even fuck with you
I won't go out because I might hurt somebody
Gotta stay cool, cause you might get bodied
Real life karate, ain't gon' motherfuckin' save ya
Bitch try to kick a motherfuckin' laser
Better respect the gun blazer
Got the same blazer
The one that's the Blazers
98 dope act cost as much as the Lakers
For real with the gat to mats
I'm just tryna even my match
Starin' at you bitches in the face
How you gon' face the God?
Mistakes in your props? (You feel me?)
Might as well push cake cause you won't go shop
Everyday I shop
And I know you get high cause you can't face the truth
Niggas tell lies when they in the booth
Rap so easy cause I tell the truth
Lil B past rap all he make is presents
Every gift is a present wrapped up in a message
My game get deeper when a nigga be stressin'
Back against the wall, you niggas is rich
I might rob a millionaire cause I'm suckin' his bitch
Feel like I wanna go back to hittin licks
Man, some times I'm a jealous bitch
Self centered, man I'm in the mix
Thank God for all my business
I was thinkin' bout life and you was thinkin' 'bout bitches
You snitched before, I was minding my business
I'm so illegal like the government
And I got street money like the government
Everyday I'm so real man, they sufferin'
Fuck them they gon' pay for my strugglin'
Niggas grew up poor and my hustlin'
Only thing I know is rap and this thuggin'
Workin hard living life not sucker
You feel me? You niggas ain't nothin
I'm comin from the top, I'm special like my cousin
Do it for the people that always said I wouldn't
Lil Bitch

[Hook x8]
This is Lil B, yeah
Lil B, yeah

[Verse 2: Lil B]
You suckers talkin' shit bitch, run up
I'm tryna be cool, but you always started drama
And I'mma real cool player type cat
Listen to some Jazz and I play a lil' of the sax
Can't be a pimp because I stay with the mac
Shoutout to lesbians because I stay with the strap
They always talk shit, but they always say 'Im playin'
Calm hittin' in the hood people sayin' my name
I ain't with that, took bus rides yeah I did that
Set up some dealers and I left 'em with a chin strap
People talk shit and next month they die
I'mma fuck 'em in they ass off Xanny and Molly
Everybody sell drugs, you can suck my dick
We the drug too you stupid bitch
I don't give a fuck man, I'm real as shit
Shout out to North Oakland and Lil B you bitch

This is Lil B, yeah
Lil B, yeah

[Verse 3: Lil B]
You suckers keep talkin' you can get your ass burnt
Shootin' up dope droppin' off they kids
Crack house was a nigga daycare
Wonder why a nigga can't stay there
I got love in my heart
Don't hate yourself just because you dark
Bitch we gon' live this life
If you really from the hood we gon' be alright
It's Lil Bars

This is Lil B, yeah
Lil B, yeah