Lil B - Rich Ho (2011)

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Lil B - Rich Ho lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm on my grind
I'm on my shit
Twenty stacks for a show, that's a fucking bit
Twenty karats on my wrist, that's a fucking bit
Play around with me, edge the tips
Semi-autos, extra kicks
Ice on my hand, 50 G's
Suck my dick, bitch -- Mr. Clean
Sunroof back with the doors open
Thirty on my dick cause I'm Bob Saget
Girls love me, know you're a faggot
In the hood like a carburetor
Ten on my dick cause I'm Darth Vader

Rich ho, rich ho, I'm a rich ho (swag!)
I'm a rich bitch, and that ho on my dick

[Verse 2]
Like Waka Flocka, we on da way!
All my bitches act gay
Thirty on my dick cause I'm James Worthy
Fuck you young suckers, nigga -- Aston Martin
Five on my dick cause I'm Ricky Martin
No homo; I'm rich, ho -- beg your pardon
I got fire like the Twin Towers
Six rings, ten bitches, and I got the power


[Verse 3]
You try to fuck me over, you better watch your asses
Glock 9, red beam in between your glasses
Bitch, I'm sexy as I wanna be
Suck my dick cause I'm rich and it's boss status
Bitches on me, even the ones that's foreign
You're a fake thug, you're so boring
Shotgun where my bitch sit
A hundred bitches on my tip cause I'm a rich ho