Lil B - Real Person Music (2013)

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Lil B - Real Person Music lyrics

Keeps my eyes open
Keep my mind open
I'm never be a bitch
The night time reminds me
Of my niggas in pain
We all see the hate
It was filling the same when it comes from my mouth
When you speak from your heart do you feel the shame
I was mad of the sound of noises making bad choices
Keeping the real me
You go to do real choices
You act like a hore then you go to see hell
That comes from California
I want to be in your top five
I'm only one
Keak me out like the only gun
Feel me
Fuck with me
'aint body know
Make this before like ..
Nigga'scome before
And I can't go back there
Nigga's act like I use to wrap
They got five
People act like coward
You can take your shower
So way you complain about this day that takes hours
Make it act like a bitch
It's a change with money
That makes you act like a coward
You told us people love money
So people don't trick
Be no dam'as bitch
Got the power
Like some mistakes and tricks
I 'ain got no mysteries
If I'm going down then I know you'll be a witness
Can't trust
We all think in Jesus
We all need it
So low with the people
Been in the jungle
Damn I got my neck broke
I make history
You feel me
I coming from the world
I do it from the world
I do it from the world
I make this from all people that we lost from the evil
Let's keep the equal
You know this is from the world