Lil B - Obama Basedgod (2012)

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Lil B - Obama Basedgod lyrics

Yeah you already know man its your boy Lil B
I'm in here and I'm the rawest rapper alive
Yeah 2013, Obama based god-vote for me!

[Hook 1]
I gotta slow it down and I gotta dumb it down
Im gonna flow now, I power up now
I gas up my engine, I won't stop spitting
I show the whole world that I'm the rawest rapper living!

[Verse 1]
I straight like a 747 in heaven
Pop the lid off the top,got the Taskforce reppin
Bitches can't fuck with me unless they talk to a reverend
Watch the way he walk, watch the way he stepping
Prayer in the air, better ask for a blessing
Number 1 rapper- ain't no question
You think I'm Wack, I think your stupid
Shot you in the heart, you'll think I'm cupid
Top of the World and I got that juice
Yeah he rap he comparing me to who?
Lil B nice, Lil B next
Lil B a thug, put the beam in his chest
Lil B, Lil B that's my name
Whoop whoop! Barrangdangdang
You and me dude-We not the same
I don't rock ice, ill need no chain
Dump his head in the car, dip his body in the ocean
Please don't look he be out in the open
Serving all Bitches-U.S open
Piece that bitch with the backhand bitch
Copy that? Roger that? Got that bitch?
Stop playin games, ain't trix its for kids
Bitch dont play, trix is for kids

[Hook 2]
I'mma slow it down so you people understand
Young Based God with the money in my hand
Selling out show finna tour in Japan
I'm the money man so I do the money dance!

[Verse 2]
Ain't no Hater finna make this paper
You going to army, I'm going to Navy
Deep sea diver with the Glock .45-a
Gotta smoke a blunt, gotta get higher
Thinking to much, having dreams to much
I never get drunk but I drink too much
Some lean in my cup, lean on my blunt
Girl raise your hand if you're trying get fucked!
I like you so, check me out girl
President Based God, this is my world
You can be my girl-Lewinsky
You can fuck my bitch, just don't tempt me
Call me Obama Based God, Call me Obama Based God!
White House girls on my dick 'cuz I'm Based God
100 gram shows, that's the appearance fee
Most people don't got the money to hang with me

[Hook 3]
Let me slow it down why my show so expensive
I done made history, protect my vision
I'm like a rare painting, you rarely even see me
I'm ready for the future, Based God in 3D!(Damn, Woo!)

[Verse 3]
I'm gon' blow, she don't rap but she gon' blow
Where the Based God? Nobody knows
I need help, nobody showed when I got everybody come
In the rap game I got a few sons
You're my sons, still my swag on number 1
I'm just playing lets have some fun
Come on bitch gon' roll me a blunt
This Grand Theft Auto, ill put you in the trunk
Lil B Based God that's what they want
I got the guns, about that life
I'm bout Fonk, that's alright
See me all night, see me all night
I'mma fuck that bitch I like her

I Like her! NYEEAAH!
I'mma fuck the bitch, I'mma fuck the bitch overseas!
Cuz I'm fuckin' amazing
A 150 gram shows right now, ah yess, unsigned
150 stacks or im not gonna perform