Lil B - Fuck That Sucka (INTRO) lyrics


Yo bitch welcome to this uh White Flame, you feel me?
Money over there, money over here! you feel me?

But like I said
We dont even uh need to get into my name and all that
Because you already know who it is meng
That rich thuggin' bitch
You feel me?

Fuck that sucka, BasedGod, bitch
That nigga hatin' on me, ya fuck that bitch
bitch tits here, Ya nigga I made it
All by myself, nigga muthafuckin paid it
Remember when niggas use to look at me crazy
Two thousand twelve niggas still look crazy
Damn Basedgod you then muthafuckin made it
Tour any city you can go hella places
Lookin' at my black car, bitch I made it (BasedGod)
Suck my fuckin dick, simple flow, bitch I made it
Err'body know BasedGod hella places
Hoe kiss my ass then count big-count my big faces!