Lil B - Back Of Yo Neck lyrics


Yo girl, what it do baby
All the young bitches, I need all the young girls
To, to, to come to the motha fuckin' front
And motha fuckin' party
You know what the fuck it is, man
Aye Selly, baby, I see you, what it do?
Oh my God, bitch mob!


Open wide girl, spread ya legs
Let me suck that pussy out the back of yo neck
If you a good girl, be bad
Spread your legs
Work that ass

(Twerk it, lift it, wobble it, twerk it
Drop it, twerk it, lift it, wobble it, flop it...)

Verse 1:

If you a good girl and you ain't a ho
Stick this dick inside of yo throat
Now pull ya shirts up a little bit
And pull ya pants down and shake that shit

Now ladies let me hear you scream yeahhhh
Now ladies let me hear you scream whoaaaa
Now ladies scream, "Eat this pussy"
Now ladies let me hear you scream "Beat this pussy"

Now let me tell you this, what the girls want
They want a big ass dick in they bootyhole
They wanna be choked out when they bein' bad
They want whipped cream sucked out the crack of they ass

Now if I lie... strike... me out
Fifteen girls nut inside of her mouth
Hey now ladies let me hear you scream "Based God" (x2)


Shouts out to New Orleanssss
Shouts out to the West Coast
To the East Coast
To the down South
To the North side


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